KKW Creme Contour/Highlight

KKW Creme Contour/Highlight

Recently I purchased one of KKW H&C kits after seeing all of the positive feedback by various make up guru’s on YouTube. I’m no guru but I thought I’d add some of my thoughts on this recent purchase, just to stay on top of trending posts.

Color I purchased: Medium (I have a medium complexion with a yellow undertone)
Price: $48 (However, after tax and shipping total price comes to: $56.95)
Oz product per color: Not sure, but its about an inch of product per color maximum.
Pigmentation: Low/Medium
Coverage: Sheer
Blend-ability: High
All day wear: Medium
My rating: 3.5/5


Love the nude muted pink color theme, as well as the casing for the stick and brushes – I’m a fan of the branding. I think it’s the perfect statement of Kim’s style. However, I wasn’t so crazy about the ziplock style bag it all came in. I don’t think a ziplock bag really speaks to her style, and cheapens the brand as well.

Contour application:

When first applying the darker shade, I followed Kim’s personal routine of drawing a 3 shape on each side of my face. I found it to be very creamy but already you could take note of how blend-able and sheer the product would go on. For me, this was okay because I wanted a very natural looking contour because I have large cheeks (and contours amplify this). However, considering the amount of product you receive, knowing I had to slather it on in order to get a hint of color was a little heart breaking because that would be I had to be quite stingy with how often I could contour using the sticks. I used the lighter shade for my nose contour, as well as lip, cupids bow and chin (personally I like a predominant looking butt-chin… don’t judge me). I felt on the medium kit, this lighter shade was a bit too light. Every time I’d build the color up, it would just sort of blend out and vanish, so I found myself reapplying until I got the perfect nose contour. Not a big fan of this lighter color. I wouldn’t mind trying out the darker kit to see the difference though.

The brush:

The brush was surprisingly very soft yet sturdy, and I found it to be the perfect tool to blend out her product. At first touch, you can feel the softness, and when blending it doesn’t irritate or hurt your skin (which is a big deal for me). I followed the instruction for blending by going in circular motions and pushing the product into the hairline every so slightly. The end result was a light contour with a nice sun kissed and glowing tan look to my face, which is exactly what I wanted for the summer. I have to say the brush (not the sponge end) was so far my favorite part of the product. The sponge however, I really really don’t like.. so I never use it. I attempted to follow Kim’s routine by spraying the sponge side to dampen it, and then use it for the matte highlight, however I immediately saw the product on my face beginning to look weird so I stopped. Instead, I just continued to use the brush side on the highlight, and the left over product from the contour on the brush mixed with the highlight on my face gave me a nice even blend.


Matte highlight application:

I applied this matte highlight on the bridge of my nose, on the forehead center, beneath my cheek contour to sharpen it slightly, and on my chin and corners of my mouth. As the rest of the darker contour shades, this blended very nicely and surprisingly suits my skin tone as well. I wouldn’t use this as a concealer because I think it’s too sheer to cover anyones dark circles or imperfections, however it does good as a matte highlight used to sharpen the contour and bring light to key parts of the face.


Shimmer highlight application:

The shimmer highlight in the medium fit my needs as to what I was looking for my make up to look like over the summer. It’s subtle and just gives the perfect amount of reflective dewy glow to my already dewy contour, which I loved. I applied the highlight to the side of my cheeks, above my eyebrows, bridge and top of my nose, inner eyes, top of my eye brows as well as my cupid bow. I found myself to have a very natural looking glow, rather than the in your face, I’m a glazed donut, highlight I usually go for during my evening looks.

Would I buy again?

Overall, if you’re looking for a contour stick that is going to give you a dark and sharp contour – look else where because this is as natural as it’s going to get (which I actually like for my face type). My favorite of this kit: the brush and darker color contour, next I would say the shimmer highlight and matte highlight. My least favorite was the sponge and lighter contour – I wouldn’t miss these if they were discontinued. My advice would be to get rid of the sponge, and add more product to each stick. OR even better, sell each color separately with more product (and add on the brush only when someone puts a kit style purchase in their cart). Also, change the ziplock bagseriously, I hate it. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to get on the free shipping train either – Kylie did it!

Would I buy again? If nothing changes about the current product she has out, then probably not. The amount of product and usage I get is not worth all the benefits of the product. I love how the product feels on my face and makes me look, and I would definitely purchase if these changes were added in the future though so let’s see.. until then I might consider looking for a dupe? Let you guys know if I come across sumting sumting..

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